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A chime is a unique statement of personality. With ultimate versatility, The Space Poem’s decorative chimes accent any design you may have in your home, whether it’s timeless simplicity, contemporary sophistication, or classic style. Greet yourself & your guests with pure music and always know when someone is coming or going with our high-quality musical door chimes. Simply attach to the fridge door, cabinet door, window or main door, then open the door to pleasant and musical effect at the slightest movement of the door! 

Emits a gentle, soft sound when you open and close the door. Let it charm you almost anywhere in your office or home. The modern brass doorbell chimes out distinct seasons: spring's murmuring springs; summer's ocean side sounds; fall's insects chirping in the bushes; and winter's open fire crackling. Similar to various sounds in nature, tube sounds vary slightly from one to another in timbre.

  • Materials - copper alloy(Bell),​ brass(Pendulum),​ aluminum(Frame)
  • Size (approx.) - 200 x 21 x 56mm

We believe in creating long-lasting experiences, from the packaging to the feel and texture of everything you receive, to create what we believe are some amazing gifts for a complex world where simple things really matter.

  • Memorable & Different - A unique gift that will never be forgotten.
  • Life is good - A special way to remind you to stay positive.
  • Handmade - Delicate in nature, but heavy on hand.
  • Works for Everyone - Any age, any gender, and any position.

Item will be manufactured after order placement should it be out of stock. Therefore,​​ depending on the item,​​ the delivery may be delayed. Make sure you check out the FAQ page before ordering and contact customer service regarding the delivery date if you want the design before a particular date.