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Traditionally used in Japanese temples during meditations, the Orin sound is believed to resonate with a high vibrational tone which helps purify and cleanse the mind. The Orin sounds are created by specially crafted bells to produce a sounds that is unique to each listener. Inspired by these practices, we've set out to bring these sounds to you and your loved ones.

Calm and Deep relaxation

Your Awareness reminder

A simple tool to bring you back to the present moment- to de-stress and find a place to recenter. The calming sound along with deep breathing will release any tension and give you a sense of calm and relaxation.

Simply place the chimes around your home or workplace to serve as a gentle reminder to take a moment for yourself and breathe.

Beautiful Healing sounds

Each piece-Unique to you

Similar to sounds in nature, The Space Poem chime is unique from one to another- varying slightly in timbre and pitch. If you listen closely, the sounds are unique to you, and no two sounds are alike.

the Ultimate Craftsmanship

Step 1: Cast

We begin this process by making the molds of the chime. Hot melted metal (brass) is then carefully poured into the mold to set.

the Ultimate Craftsmanship

Step 2: Shave

Once we remove the cooled chimes from the mold, each piece is carefully shaved to produce the desired shape and size.

the Ultimate Craftsmanship

Step 3: Polish

Our polishing machine is then adjusted by the size of the sand particles used, to create unique polishings for each individual pieces.

the Ultimate Craftsmanship


Each piece is then decorated by hand by our skilled artisans.

the Ultimate Craftsmanship

Step 5: Assemble

To put it all together, each piece is hand assembled by our artisans- no two piece is alike.